THE SPIRITED community

This is our online space to cultivate community through meditation. We will post short guided meditations every weekday, meet live weekly, share tips, resources and even hear from guest speakers and teachers! 

we know how you feel

  • Anxious, Stressed Out & Unable to Silence Your Mindless Chatter

  • Intimidated to Start Your Meditation Practice

  • Struggling to Build a Meditation Routine

Meditation over medication

Prior to 2017 I was battling with mental and physical health issues. Holistic healing is something I take very seriously, so I turned to a lifestyle change instead of relying on medication to cope. It took time, but there's a sense of pride and wholesomeness that comes with knowing you did the work for yourself.

Meditation has given me a toolbox to come back to any time I feel overwhelmed, anxious, sad or even happy! I am so excited to share what I've learned in The SPIRiTED Community!

What's included

  • 5 Minute Meditation Weekday Mornings

  • Hatha Yoga Class Sundays at 9 pm EST

  • Virtual New Moon Meditation Circle Every New Moon at 9 pm EST

  • Tips, Resources, Guest Speakers & More!


Establishing the meditation practice you've always aspired for while building a community of like-minded individuals to help hold you accountable for your practice. You will establish a consistent practice that will help build your toolbox of techniques to use when things in your life begin feeling too chaotic. 

are you ready to build the SELF CARE practice you've always aspired for?


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