We are a community organization dedicated to growing the community in Detroit. Our mission is to carry out the legacy of The Spirit of Detroit in strengthening the connection between humans and divinity by becoming an outlet for the community to come together through self care and community service.

The Spirit of Detroit is a sculpture made by Marshall Fredericks commissioned by the city in 1955 to symbolize "...hope, progress and the spirit of man," according to the Detroit Historical Museum. The Spirit portrays a man holding a family in one hand and an orb in the other, symbolizing the relationship between humans and divinity.

we are the people who
fight for what we believe in

we are the people who
radiate optimism.

the ones who understand true power

is achieved through community.

we are the people who
never left.

we are

good as new

Prior to 2006, The Spirit of Detroit was seen in the city with noticeable water damage and little to no upkeep. Representing our people, this was a sad sight to see and you can even see the sadness in his expression. In '06, The Spirit got a full restoration bringing the sculpture back to its original glowing state as it represents the wonderful people in the city of Detroit. 

Now, the city spends about $6,000 annually to maintain the green patina paint on the sculpture and every 5 years or so, another $2–3,000 extra is spent to touch up the gold portions. 

Our long-term goal is to offset the cost of the annual maintenance of The Spirit of Detroit through organic donations. We are committed to dedicating our proceeds to building a foundation to maintain The Spirit because the sculpture stands to represent the people of Detroit. He will outlive all of us and we want to make sure he is protected for years to come. 

Photo Credit: DetroitFunk.Com


We are committed to offsetting the cost of maintaining The Spirit of Detroit through organic donations. 11% of all our merchandise purchases and 100% of all our meditation purchases are donated to The Spirit of Detroit Foundation.


Founder Bailey M. Bain discovered her passion for the city of Detroit in high school when she created a body of work centered around the city and even secured a space at the Detroit Artist’s Market for an exclusive one night exhibition. Her college passion project also focused on the city by providing customized duffel bags with personal care and comfort items to local foster children in Detroit.

Bailey believes there is an undeniable energy, a spirit unlike any other that is carried out by each member of the Detroit community. We all carry a sense of pride in being a part of its rich history and rapid growth. It has been said that the general perception of the people of Detroit is that we are the ones who link arms and get things done together. Bailey is excited to be a part of that growth.


In 2018, she earned her BFA from College for Creative Studies right here in Detroit. During her college experience she battled with anxiety, depression and a thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s. She took matters into her own hands and decided she needed to make a change. She had always believed in using natural, organic products, so she sought out a solution to her problem using a holistic lifestyle change. She learned about the nutrients her body needed and became involved with movement, meditation, metaphysics and mindfulness to successfully transform her perception of everything around her.


By the end of 2018, Bailey had a vision of a t-shirt she wanted for Christmas making the connection between spirituality and The Spirit of Detroit and saw the opportunity to create SPIRiTED DETROIT, an organization combining nearly all of her favorite lifestyle elements into one neat little package. 


SPIRiTED DETROIT was made possible by a few months time, a little bit of savings, a passionate & dedicated founder and an outpouring of support from friends, family and the Detroit community. 


Bailey wants other entrepreneurs to know “when I started having ideas about SPIRiTED DETROIT (and even still) I feel excited about it. Excitement is key. When you find something that excites you to work on every day, you’ve found your passion.”  


As a 22-year old Michigan Native, Bailey M. Bain is proud to have built a brand dedicated to growing the community in city that has captured her heart.


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