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WE ARE the people

who never left

We are a community organization dedicated to growing the community in Detroit. Our mission is to carry out the legacy of The Spirit of Detroit in strengthening the connection between humans and divinity by becoming an outlet for the community to come together through self care and community service.

Our long-term goal is to offset the cost of the annual maintenance of The Spirit of Detroit through organic donations. We are committed to dedicating our proceeds to building a foundation to maintain The Spirit because the sculpture stands to represent the people of Detroit. He will outlive all of us and we want to make sure he is protected for years to come. 

To be a part of creating positive change in Detroit, check out our apparel line. 

we are the people who
fight for what we believe in

we are the people who
radiate optimism.

the ones who understand true power

is achieved through community.

we are the people who
never left.

we are

The spirited detroit podcast

Join our founder Bailey M. Bain for guided meditations & vulnerable conversations.


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